Adobe InDesign 1 Summary

This section was all about learning and understanding the components of InDesign. I’ve learned a few things about navigating the control panel. To move it, I click on the dotted bar (known as the menu button) at the very right, below the “Customize Control Panel” button. When I click on it, I can either click “dock at top” or “dock at bottom”, which will make the control panel move up or down on the screen. I’ve also learned that if you move the mouse at the very left, there is a little rectangle that will allow me to click and drag the control panel out either the top or the bottom of the window screen. I’ll put it back by drag it to the bottom, release the mouse when the blue line appears. The blue line is very important because it’s an indication allowing to place a panel back where I moved it.

The tool panel has different aspects of what I never knew about when navigating it. It has the double arrow at the very top of the panel that will shape it horizontally, vertically, and also have the tools placed in two columns.

Navigating the pages was very easy to learn. I had to place my mouse over the bottom left, right next to the zoom level menu, and click on the arrows next to the page number box. Previous button on the left and Next button on the right. Another way, I can click the down arrow to display the menu, either clicking on “1” or “2”. This will navigate the page the same way as I did by clicking on the Previous and the Next button.

I’ve also learned something very interesting about the InDesign. When you choose Edit > Preferences > Interface, I can select whatever color theme that I want on the windows. This changes the how dark and light the window is. I chose “Dark” at the very left of one of the color themes and clicked OK. When it’s in this color, I’ll have not trouble try to pay attention to little details of varies things.

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