9/17/2020: Elements of Design Summary

This is my image of the Elements of Design Project. By using my creativity, I started doing the title first in different font and with each letter having it’s own individual color. With the shapes and the line, I did the circle, pentagon, the square with its own color, and the line in black. I wanted the line to be under the shapes so it will be more refined and accurate.

For value, I made 9 squares in purple from dark to light, making every square the same size and shape, and fully covering the space on the upper area of the blank image. I made the word, “Value” white so it’s conspicuous and easily read. Doing color, I did the circles for the rainbow. I wanted to have the purple at the very bottom and red at the very top, but the circles were automatically overlapping, which was not what I wanted and there’s was nothing I could do about it, so I the rainbow with the red at the bottom and purple at top. I made sure they were the right size to fill enough space around the bottom-right corner. I did all the others and put the word texts near to identify them.

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