Create a Hippo Project Summary

At the very beginning of the project, I kind of struggled a bit because I wasn’t so sure what tools I needed to use to create the head of the Hippo. So I watched the video, and figured out that the Ellipse Tool is the tool I needed to create the head and the ears for the hippo. When doing the ears, I struggled putting the ears together (Inside & Outside) because I didn’t know “Object menu -> group” is what should select in to put them together. When putting the ears on the Hippo’s head, I select “Object -> arrange -> send to back” in order for the ears, the bottom area, to not be noticeable on the head. Then I used the Ellipse Tool in to draw the eyes and the nose, coloring all the circles in black. For the teeth, I had a little trouble doing the tooth, because it was kind of hard to change the lines into different angles. Asking a friend, she suggested to use a pen tool instead to draw the rectangle shape I wanted. To get another copy, but in a reflected shape, I selected “Object -> transform -> reflect”. I put the teeth in the correct spot. Next, I created the arms using the pen tool. Doing the curves wasn’t the easiest thing to do, so whenever I made mistakes, I pressed Ctrl+Z to start again. I also did the tools to draw the toes as well, I make sure the arms were neat and accurate, and clicking “Object -> Group” to put the arms and the toes together. I made another copy, and I neatly put it under the Hippo’s face. Like I did with the ears, I selected “Object -> arrange -> send to back”. Once that’s all done I did the rectangular shape behind the hippo. I added, I text “Hippo” for the font just right for me.

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