Impossible Creature: My Choice

There’s my picture of My-Choice Impossible Creature. I mixed up the head of red fish and the body of a red fox. I like my own choice of this project, but when I was getting started I had difficulties of choosing the images of the fox and the fish. Because of this, I didn’t keep in mind about something important; about noticing that the animals were supposed to be in the right position of the direction their heads are facing. That was the reason why I had a pretty hard time getting my project started. When I got started and while doing my project, I also needed the Impossible Creature instructions to go over the stuff that I need help with so I don’t stuck. And at the end, after using the Clone Stamp tool to blend between the fox’s fur and the fishes body, I noticed an invisible line that when I tried to stamp the fur to the bottom of the fishes body, but it wouldn’t work so I decided it was time for me to move because I didn’t want to fall behind and spend to much on my project because there was no way of fix it. But I finished my work, so I’ll turn it in.

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